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Xinhua News: Exclusive Interview of Director Liu Yixing

2020-11-24 admin
Recently, Hive Box announced that starting from April 30th, 2020, non-member users of express mail will be charged RMB0.5/12 hours as overtime after the time limit of 12 hours; the charges will be capped at RMB3 yuan and there would be no charges on statutory holidays. The membership services were also launched concurrently. The overtime Hive Box express cabinet charges sparked a public outcry.

Is Hive Box’s charging of overtime legal? People from all walks of life keenly followed and commented on this issue. Most consumers have a negative view with respect to the overtime charge for express cabinets. On May 12th, Xinhua News Agency conducted an exclusive interview with Liu Yixing, Director of the Global Management Committee of Landing Law Offices, on the “Hive Box Charges” incident.

Director Liu stated that as long as Hive Box had clearly informed all owners and users in the contract terms that it would charge a certain amount of fee at a certain point in the future when setting up the express cabinet, Hive Box has the right to charge. If this term did not exist, even if it did not promise to provide express cabinets for free at the time, Hive Box has no right to charge for overtime use.
The following is a report on the interview of Director Liu Yixing by Xinhua News Agency:
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