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Shanghai Landing Law Offices (“Landing”) is a rapidly growing comprehensive law firm that is devoted to providing top quality, efficient and comprehensive legal services for domestic and overseas clients. Headquartered in Shanghai, Landing has nearly more than 10 branches in cities all over China, including Jinan, Changsha, Urumqi, Lanzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Fuzhou, and Wenzhou, as well as branches in overseas countries like the United States, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria, Myanmar, Vietnam (Hanoi, Nha Trang) as well. This has made it a Chinese law firm with the most extensive coverage in developing countries along “The Belt and Road”, and the number of its branches continues to grow.  
Lawyers at Landing have mostly graduated from eminent Chinese and international law schools. They have excellent educational background and broad professional network since many have served in government institutions, courts and procuratorates before practicing law in the private sector. Landing lawyers are active in legislation development and administration and discussion of state affairs as well. The fact that many of our lawyers have been elected as deputies to National People's Congresses at all levels and CPPCC members or have served as counselors-at-law in many departments of the State Council and the provincial or municipal governments, reflects the extraordinary influence of Landing lawyers at both regional and national levels.
Landing scrupulously abides by the concept of being absolutely professional and adheres to the “one main and two auxiliaries” principle with respect to each lawyer’s practice areas. We strive to understand and satisfy client needs by distributing cases to our legal teams in specific fields made up of elite lawyers from many countries, as this ensures that each client’s needs is taken care of by expert lawyers in relevant fields. Landing’s legal services cover a variety of fields such as foreign investment, international trade, international civil and commercial disputes resolution, intellectual property rights, sports and entertainment, block-chain and artificial intelligence, corporate internal governance, capital market, investment and mergers, labor and compliance, marriage & family affairs and wealth inheritance, criminal defense, industrial parks and high-tech enterprises, chain operation development, administrative law and procurement of governmental legal services, as well as real estate, banking, merger & acquisition, reorganization and listing, etc.  



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