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LANDING Established a Charity Foundation

2020-11-24 admin
Since January, the COVID-19 pandemic has raged across China, and it has had a deep effect on each person at LANDING. 
With the approval of the partners, LANDING established the “LANDING Lawyer Charity Foundation”. The charity foundation was initially funded with RMB300,000 personally donated by Liu Yixing, Director of LANDING’s Global Management Committee, as well as part of the profits retained by the law firm in 2019. Subsequently, a certain proportion of the profits of the law firm will be allocated to the “LANDING Lawyer Charity Foundation” each year, and it will also receive donations from the partners and lawyers of the law firm.
The “LANDING Lawyer Charity Foundation” has not only been established to provide aid during this pandemic, but will also focus on other charitable and public welfare undertakings for special groups such as children's education and family emergency relief for the law firm’s staff.
With LANDING’s Law Offices’ strong development, the “LANDING Lawyer Charity Foundation” will actively undertake social responsibilities and participate in various social welfare activities, to add a ray of hope to the life of people in need of aid. It is also hoped that through the continuous development of the “LANDING Lawyer Charity Foundation”, love will spread and be passed on, so that all segments of society can experience and share in the love of LANDING’s staff. The foundation will also showcase the social responsibilities and charitable undertakings of LANDING lawyers.
At the time of printing, the foundation has cumulatively received nearly RMB500,000 in donations from Landing employees. In the future, we will donate part of the charity’s funds to some cities or hospitals in need. A day-to-day management organization has been established to better utilize the charity funds.
Honorary Chairman: Liu Yixing
First Executive Chairman: Zhan Weiguang
Secretary General: Liu Zhaofu
Deputy Secretary General: Jia Xinyan
Director: Liu Qing/ Guan Pengcheng/ Lin Dexiu (Taiwanese)
May each of us breathe freely! May peace soon return to our lives! May we see children running freely in the sun in the spring of 2020! When flowers bloom on the branches again, may we feel the breath of spring between the heaven and the earth, together! We pray China will always enjoy peace and prosperity! Come on, China! 
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