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LANDING changed its structure into a special general partnership with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice

2020-11-23 admin
On June 23rd, 2020, with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice, LANDING changed its structure from a general partnership to a special general partnership system, and the registered capital was changed from RMB1.1 million to RMB10 million.

According to the Administrative Measures for Law Offices of the Ministry of Justice, a special general partnership law office requires more than 20 partners and assets of more than RMB10 million. There are currently more than 1,600 law offices in Shanghai, and there are only approximately 50 special general partnership law offices. The restructuring of LANDING has been approved by the Bureau of Justice, which is indicative of LANDING considerable scale. The special general partnership system has limited liability of partners and there is no unlimited joint liability under any circumstances. This restructuring will enable LANDING to attract more talents and further expand and strengthen its development.
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